5 Most Common Pickleball Injuries; How to Protect Them

While this sport may seem like a breeze, it can still result in some nasty injuries that are easy to avoid. Pickleball can be fun to play if you know what you’re doing, and if you’re not careful, you can injure yourself. Know about the most common pickleball injuries.
This article provides some useful advice to keep in mind when playing pickleball and keeping yourself healthy. We’ve ensured that the information provided is easy to understand and digest, and we hope it will help to keep you safe from injury while enjoying the game.

pickleball injuries

Common Injuries Associated with Pickleball

Falls are serious injuries, especially to the elbow and wrist, which can cause fractures or sprains. Injuries to your ankles and Achilles tendon can result from certain movements such as walking, running, and jumping. The most common injuries when you injure your knee are sprains and meniscal or ligament tears.

  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Pickleball elbow/ Tendonitis
  • Achilles Tendon
  • Pickleball head injuries
  • Lower back problems such as disc injuries or muscle strains

Achilles Tendon

The Achilles tendon is a strong tendon that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. When you play pickleball, you need to be able to jump and run quickly to avoid being hit by the ball. When you are running or jumping, the tendon can become injured. Moreover, the repetitive nature of the sport can cause problems.

Over time, the Achilles tendon can become inflamed, causing pain and discomfort. Symptoms include swelling, tenderness, and bruising. The Achilles tendon is also called the heel spur. A heel spur is a painful condition that can often be diagnosed without needing x-rays.


Playing pickleball for long periods can wear down your wrist and elbow joints. That’s why you must be careful about how you play the game. Many people are too rough when they hit the ball, which can lead to tendonitis. Also, some players must be more careful about keeping their wrists straight. If you have this problem, you may want to wear a protective wrist brace.
Sprains are common injuries when the joint is moved suddenly or twisted in the wrong direction.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful injury to the plantar fascia. This is a long, thick ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot. When this ligament is inflamed, it can cause heel pain. Additionally, Plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the heel tissue, can be caused by repetitive pounding on the court.


These can be painful, especially if they occur on the skin, and are most common on the hands, feet, and knees when you slip while playing.
In addition to these, cuts and dislocations can also happen.
Cuts are very painful and are usually the result of a fall.
Dislocations are rare and usually occur when playing a game requiring a lot of jumping.

Nerve Injury

while playing pickleball, If you have to throw the ball to your opponent, you should only grip the bat with a little force. Otherwise, throwing a ball with great force can lead to nerve injury.

Reverse of Hand

If you are playing in a tournament or a match, the chances of facing a reverse hit are higher. Try to use the opposite hand to take the ball.

Leg and Foot Injury

You will likely get injured if you have to make a powerful jump in the air. So, take care of your legs and feet before jumping.

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How to Prevent Pickleball Injuries

Nowadays, pickleball is very popular, and as a result, there is a huge demand for pickleball courts. But unfortunately, as the number of players increases, the number of injuries also increases.
Many athletes are getting injured while playing pickleball. So, here are some of the top 5 tips to prevent pickleball injuries.

how to prevent pickleball injuries

Warm-up Before Play

Pickleball is a sport where you can use various skills like serve, lob, and groundstrokes. So, it is a perfect sport for everyone. But before you start practicing this sport, you need to warm up to avoid some common injuries. You can do it on a treadmill, for instance.
Warm-up exercises can help you to stretch your muscles and improve your movement pattern, which will help you to avoid injuries. So, before starting a pickleball game, you should do the basic exercises. It will help you to recover faster.

Stay Hydrated

If you want to play a game at your best, you must ensure you’re properly hydrated. You need to drink enough water to keep your body well-hydrated. The easiest way to do this is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
You’ll improve your performance and energy level by staying hydrated. You’ll also be able to get rid of the headaches that can come from not drinking enough water.

Take Some Rest 

The sport is easy to learn, and you can play it almost anywhere. It is great for the body but can be hard on the mind. The mental side of the game is where things get tough. You will have to deal with many different situations when you play a sport for a long period.
You may have to deal with the pressure of a match, the pressure of your team, the pressure of your opponents, and so on. This is why you need to take proper rest before any match. Take time off from playing sports. This will help you to prevent pickleball injuries.

Use Correct Equipment

You must have the best equipment to keep yourself safe and avoid pickleball injuries. So, don’t buy a cheap one as it may harm you.

Avoid Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motions are very common for athletes, who are more prone to pickleball injuries. So, you need to change your routine to avoid such injuries.

How to Treat Pickleball Elbow

You may suffer a torn ligament in your elbow or wrist while playing pickleball. You should pay attention to your arms and wrists to avoid those injuries. If you think you are suffering from tennis elbow or wrist pain, you should get your doctor’s help. You can use ice packs and other treatments to ease your pain. It is also good to put heat on your affected arm to relieve pain.

You should be careful when swinging the bat or racket to prevent tennis elbow, wrist problems, or other arm injuries. You should also take a few minutes to warm up before playing. Also, make sure that you stretch your muscles before you begin your workout.
You should wear proper protective gear when you are playing pickleball.

Your wrists should be protected because they tend to become sore if they are not protected. You should put some lotion on your elbows. You should ask your doctor about other ways of protecting yourself from pain in your arms. You can do many things to protect your elbows and wrists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common injury is a twisted ankle. The ankles are the weakest part of the body, and they are also the first part of the body to be injured.

 If you twist your ankle, you will feel pain in the back of your ankle. Your ankle will also be swollen and red.

 A sprained ankle is an injury to the ligaments in the ankle. You will have pain in the back of the ankle and may experience swelling.

A dislocated shoulder is when the ball and socket of your shoulder are separated. It is usually caused by a fall.

Wear a wrist brace and wear tennis shoes or sneakers.

Final Verdict

You can’t play pickleball without getting injured. That’s just a fact of life. These are some common pickleball injuries; you need to know them before starting your pickleball game. You can, however, do your best to minimize the risks of injury. So, you can use some tips to avoid injuries and stay safe.

The worst thing you can do is try to go all-out immediately. It takes years of practice to get your game down. So, if you’re starting, don’t worry about hitting the ball as hard as possible.

Instead, focus on developing your strength and technique. You’ll be able to generate more power and control the ball as you gain experience.

There are a few other factors that you can control. For example, you can wear better shoes. They’ll help you maintain good balance and prevent you from falling over.

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