Perfect Pickleball Attire for Players to Wear While Playing in 2023

What do you wear to play pickleball? When it comes to participating in pickleball, suitable apparel can have a significant effect on your performance and pleasure in the sport. Numerous clothes and equipment alternatives are available while playing, from footwear and shorts to tops and extras.

In this article, we’ll examine the advantages of wearing fashionable pickleball attire and investigate some of the various types of clothing and apparatus that are accessible.

what do you wear to play pickleball

 Benefits of Wearing Appropriate Pickleball Attire

There are several benefits to wearing appropriate attire for pickleball. These include:

Comfort and protection

Wearing the proper clothing and gear can help to keep you comfortable and protected while playing. Footwear that offers good support and cushioning can help to reduce fatigue and prevent foot and ankle injuries. Moisture-wicking tops and shorts can help to keep you cool and dry, while hats protect you from the sun. Protective gear such as knee and elbow pads can help reduce the impact of falls and collisions.

 Improved performance

It’s essential to wear the proper attire to improve your performance on the pickleball court.

Shoes with a good grip and support can improve your agility and stability, while moisture-wicking clothing can regulate your body temperature and keep you fresh.

Whether you are playing soccer, basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport, wearing the proper protective gear can reduce your chance of getting injured and allow you to focus on improving your game.

Coordination with partner

If you play pickleball as part of a team, coordinating your attire with your partner can be a fun and practical way to improve communication and teamwork on the court. Wearing matching pickleball outfits or complementary colors can make it easier for your partner to spot you and anticipate your movements.

 Increased confidence in gameplay

Feeling comfortable and confident in your attire can also boost your confidence and performance on the pickleball court. Whatever your style feeling good about your appearance makes you more likely to be focused and energised during your games.

benefits of pickleball outfits for ladies

 Different Types of Clothing to Consider 

When it comes to pickleball attire, there are various choices. Some of the different types of attires to consider when playing pickleball include:

Pickleball Shirts Tops/T-shirts

Pickleball tops come in various styles to suit any player’s tastes! T-shirts, long-sleeve tops, and tank tops are all popular options. Polo shirts are great for any popular sport in a casual setting or as a way to represent your favorite team. Long-sleeve tops provide extra coverage, making them perfect for those cooler days on the court.

Tank tops are an excellent choice for hot summer days, as they allow you to keep cool while still looking stylish. No matter what pickleball top you choose, they protect you from the sun’s rays and help keep you free of sweat and grime during intense games. Whatever style you choose, pickleball tops can help ensure that you look great while playing the game you love!

Pickleball leggings, shorts,

Pickleball sport has so many options of leggings, shorts, or a tennis skirt it is easy to find the perfect outfit for you. Leggings provide a good level of coverage and come in various styles and colors. Shorts are an excellent choice for those hot summer days as they will help keep you cool while still allowing you to move freely. A tennis skirt is also a great option, providing comfort and style. All these options are designed to ensure that you can move freely during playing, giving you the best chance at success. No matter what pickleball attire you choose, ensure that athletic shorts fit properly so you can focus on your game without worrying about your clothing!

Bras for pickleball

Bras for pickleball are explicitly designed to provide support and comfort during a pickleball game. They are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow the wearer to remain relaxed and comfortable while playing. The bras come in various colors and styles to match any player’s style, whether they prefer a more traditional look or something more modern.

The straps provide additional support, while the cups provide coverage so players can keep their chest area protected from contact with the ball. For added convenience, many bras also have pockets on the back or sides where players can store small items such as keys or phones during play. Bras for pickleball also feature adjustable straps for optimal comfort and fit throughout the game.

Pickleball Pants or shorts Sweatpants

Generally, one may choose between sweatpants or shorts to wear to play pickleball. Ultimately, it is down to the individual’s preference and comfort level. Some might favor sweatpants due to their heat-retaining qualities and extra coverage, whereas others may opt for shorts to allow for more mobility.

It’s noteworthy that there is no stated attire for pickleball. Thus, participants can choose to wear something they are comfortable with. Nevertheless, it is wise to consider the climate and field conditions when deciding what outfit to wear. For instance, shorts might be more suitable if it’s hot and sticky. On the contrary, sweatpants may be a more sensible decision if it’s nippy or wet.

 Pickleball Shoes

An essential item to consider is appropriate footwear. It is typically best to opt for designs specifically for the sport, as they are manufactured with specific needs. Ensure that the footwear you select features strong traction and support, along with ample cushioning to help reduce the shock of sprinting and leaping.

Various kinds of footwear are appropriate for playing pickleball. For example, court shoes meant for indoor courts generally provide good grip and support. Sneakers are also a feasible choice, mainly for outdoor use. Look for sneakers with a flat bottom and decent arch support.

When choosing pickleball footwear, it’s crucial to consider your personal requirements. Consider the ground you will be playing on, your foot type and any pre-existing foot or ankle problems. It is also wise to try out several pairs to determine the most comfortable and supportive.

what shoes to wear to play pickleball

Pickleball Hats/Visors

Pickleball hats and visors are a great way to show off your pickleball skills in style. Whether playing in the park or competing in a tournament, these hats and visors will have you looking sharp. Pickleball hats come in various colors and styles to match your hat to the color of your clothing for an even more stylish look. The hats are made from durable materials that withstand long play hours without fading or tearing. The visors also feature adjustable straps to get the perfect fit for maximum comfort.

Pickleball Socks

Socks are another important consideration when it comes to pickleball attire. Look for socks made with breathable and moisture-wicking material that offer good arch support. Avoid wearing too thick or too thin, as these can cause discomfort or blisters.

Pickleball Accessories


Wearing sunglasses when playing pickleball can be beneficial, especially in the hot summer or open air. UV rays from the sun can cause eye fatigue and long-term vision issues, but these glasses can block these rays and reduce glare, making it easier to track the ball and opponents.


Additionally, sweatbands are a great accessory to play with conveniently, as they absorb sweat and keep it out of your eyes. They also help keep hair out of your face, allowing for better vision and mobility on the court.

Different types of sweatbands are available, such as headbands, wristbands, and full-length bands that wrap around the forehead and temples. Choose one that is comfortable and replace it when it is saturated.

Water bottle

Staying adequately hydrated is essential when you’re new to the game, especially on hot days or in extended matches. Having a water bottle can ensure that you can always stay hydrated. Look for a container that is easy to grip and has a tight closure to avoid spillage.


A towel is a valuable option while engaging in pickleball, mainly if you sweat profusely. Utilize it to wipe away sweat, mop up your hands, or shield your face from the sun’s rays.


Sunscreen is another essential item when you’re playing outdoors, especially if you’ll be outside for a long time. Locate a sunscreen with an elevated SPF and wide-ranging coverage to help shield your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

best clothes for pickleball

Extra balls

It’s essential to keep some additional balls at the ready when going to the pickleball court. Having backups available will ensure you have another ball in case one goes astray or out of bounds.

Portable chair or bench

If you plan to play for an extended duration, it’s a good idea to have a movable chair or bench accessible to rest on between games or during breaks. This can assist in avoiding exhaustion and allow you to stay relaxed and concentrated while playing.

Pickleball bag

A pickleball bag can be a practical way to transport your pickleball equipment and extras, such as your paddle, balls, garments, and other items. Search for a strong bag that has multiple storage sections and is effortless.

Protective gear

Although not mandatory, some pickleball players decide to don protective equipment. This may include sunglasses or goggles to shield the eyes from the sun’s rays, a wayward ball, and knee guards that provide extra cushioning when taking a plunge or tumbling.

If you opt to put on safety gear, pick items of excellent quality that fit comfortably and give enough protection. Low-priced or ill-fitting equipment could increase the chance of harm, so it’s worth spending on goods that will benefit you.

pickleball attire


Women’s and men’s pickleball attire differ in several ways. For starters, men’s clothing is tighter fitting, and women’s is loose-fitting. In addition, the men’s shirts come in long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions, while the women’s shirts are only available in long-sleeved versions.

It depends on the climate. A baseball cap will keep your head warm if it’s cold outside.

Pickleball bags are the best way to store pickleball equipment. They’re durable and allow you to keep your equipment organized.

Final Verdict

Finally, wearing the right pickleball gear can bring many advantages, such as comfort, protection, better play, keeping moisture away and more assurance. For the selection of pickleball attire, there is a range of apparel and equipment to choose from, like eye protection googles shorts/skirts, tops/t-shirts, hats, and shields. Buy superior-quality pickleball clothing to maximize your gaming experience.

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