How Many Beers Fit in a Frisbee

How Many Beers Can Fit in a Frisbee

How Many Beers Fit in a Frisbee? When it comes to enjoying a cold beer outdoors, we often find ourselves searching for creative ways to transport our favorite beverage. From coolers and backpacks to insulated tumblers, the possibilities seem endless. But have you ever considered using a frisbee as your drinking vessel? It may sound … Read more

How To Make Beersbee Poles: DIY Guide to Build Your Own Set

How To Make Beersbee Poles

Beersbee, also known as Polish Horseshoes, is a captivating outdoor game that combines elements of frisbee and horseshoes. It’s a game that’s been gaining traction in recent years, especially during summer barbecues and beach outings. If you’ve ever been intrigued by the bottle pole frisbee game or simply want a fun DIY project, this guide … Read more

Beersbee Drinking Game Rules

beersbee rules for serving and scpring

If you’re looking for an exciting outdoor game that combines frisbee throwing and a touch of competitive drinking, Beersbee might be just what you need. In this game, players take turns trying to knock each other’s cans off a pole by skillfully throwing a frisbee. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy some fresh air, test … Read more